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Legal Edge Solutions is a conflict resolution center and law office in southwest North Dakota, owned and operated by Sandra K. Kuntz. We have the experience, skills, and resources you need to help you define the best options and solutions for you, your family, and your business needs. Browse our site for a preview of the resources we have to assist you.

Legal Services:

Sandra began her career working in the family law and juvenile defense fields.  Thus, helping people help themselves is a drive that has carried through her career.    Strong negotiating skills are a necessity in high conflict cases and are now second nature when translating business negotiations, municipal zoning and development issues, and related civil matters.  See our Practice Areas menu for further details of the legal services in which we have over 24 years of experience to assist you.


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) aiming to assist two (or more) participants to resolve a dispute and/or shape an agreement. Mediators use appropriate techniques and skills to open and improve dialogue between parties to help them make informed decisions. The parties themselves determine the conditions of any settlement reached rather than accepting something imposed by a third party, such as a judge or jury.

Succession Planning:

Whether it is a family farm, ranch, or other business, often people avoid planning because they do not want to deal with the conflict that arises because of the differences among members regarding goals, values and perceptions of fairness and equity.  Besides the legal and economic decisions that need to be made, there are numerous social decisions involved in the transfer to future generations.  Family members are not always aware of all the issues that need to be considered, discussed between generations, and decided upon within the farm/ranch transfer process. Often there is a certain level of denial involved. That denial can be caused by issues that are hard for individuals to discuss, such as change in roles, decision making authority, money, disability, mental incapacity or death.  We have the experience and skills to start the hard conversations and carry them forward into a successful plan.

Life is full of uncertainties. Stay in control of the decisions that matter!


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